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Frrole APIs

Social data presents a unique set of challenges. While it can be leveraged to provide insights that no other in-house or CRM data can provide, it is extremely unstructured, contains lots of noise and is used by different people for entirely different purposes. Frrole's sophisticated algorithms cut through the clutter for you and present this data in a manner where it can now be leveraged by your product and marketing teams to service and understand your customers in ways that were not possible until now.

Frrole APIs are divided into two major categories:

Topic Intelligence

  • Trending Topics & Detailed Metrics
  • Social issues at the cusp of going viral
  • Study trends to drive social marketing campaigns
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People Intelligence

  • Identify your customers & their needs
  • Brand perception & acceptance
  • Insights to customize experience for customers
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The Topic Intelligence APIs let you dive deep into any topic and cover all the basic statistics that you might need to either understand trends around a topic or to leverage this data to drive engagement. The people intelligence APIs represent the cutting edge of social analytics today allowing you to understand your customer like never before and help you drive customized solutions.


The lowdown on how to use each API.

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How Customers use Frrole APIs

What makes Frrole Different?

  • Frrole has the ability to pull, analyze and filter social data within 1-2 minutes of a message being posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, making it as real-time as possible
  • Frrole’s ability to analyze any topic goes beyond just statistics (counts) and linguistic levels (sentiments), to provide much complex topic and user level analysis (contextual)
  • Unlike other analytics products, Frrole isn’t just a dashboard product – it specializes in integrating a specific piece of real-time analyzed data into customer applications based on their specific needs
  • Frrole's linguistics ability allows us to quickly turn around projects in any language. In addition to English, we have served customers insights based on posts in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia and Telugu


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